NVZ is an abbreviation which stands for Nitrate Vulnerable Zone, an area deemed as high at risk from agricultural Nitrate pollution.


If a farm falls in an area deemed as an NVZ, there are restrictions in place controlling the following:

  • Use of Nitrogen fertilisers
  • Storage of organic manures


Even if a farm is not within an NVZ, there are rules in place surrounding these areas and it is the land owner’s responsibility to protect watercourses from pollution.


NVZ restrictions include the amount and timing of Nitrogen fertiliser spread on land. For Example, you must not spread high readily available nitrogen manures on or between the dates shown in this table

  On grassland On tillage land
Sandy or shallow soils 1 Sep to 31 Dec 1 Aug to 31 Dec
All other soils 15 Oct to 31 Jan 1 Oct to 31 Jan


(Source: www.gov.uk )


4R Reassurance provides support with NVZ compliance and guidance for farmers.