If you are in a designated Nitrate Vulnerable Zone area the following Slurry Storage requirement will apply;


You must have sufficient facilities to store all slurry produced on your holding and all poultry manure produced in a yard or building from:

  • 1 October to 1 April (6 months) in the case of pigs and poultry
  • 1 October to 1 March (5 months) in any other case.


Slurry stores must, additionally, have the capacity to store:

  • all rainfall expected to enter the store during the storage period (including rainfall runoff from elsewhere)
  • any wash water or other liquids that enter the store during that period.


Silage, Slurry and Agricultural Fuel Oil (England) Regulations storage requirements will also apply.



4R Reassurance will calculate your storage capacity and monthly production volumes