Compliance means the following of a set of rules.


Rules are set by law such as the Environmental Protection Act (pollution control to soil, air and water), Employment Law (compliance with staff welfare, training needs etc), Animal Welfare Act (statutory requirements for the keeping of livestock) to list but a few.


If you claim rural payments such as the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) then you must comply with a set of Cross Compliance rules covering Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions (GAECs) and Statutory Management Requirements (SMRs).


Rules are set by the various assurance schemes such as Red Tractor, to ensure standards are met and allow access to premium markets.


Failure to comply with these rules can have many implications including loss of income, loss of markets, loss of time and in more serious cases prosecutions and even custodial sentences.


With so many rules to follow let Reassurance provide you with the support to ensure your compliance is maintained and income protected.

UK farmers currently receive around £3bn each year in financial subsidies

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protect your farm
    • Compliance Support – Ensuring you meet your Farm Assurance and Cross Compliance obligations.


    • Farm Site Plans - Colour coded plans for ease of reference detailing; Drainage Routes, Pollution Prevention, Emergency Plan, Livestock Facilities, Chemical Storage, Feed Storage, Fertiliser Storage, Asbestos Plan, Traffic Management and Rodent Bait etc.


    • Farm Maps - Colour coded field maps to help record; Cropping, Organic Inputs, Soil Erosion, Temporary Field Heaps, Spreading Risk Maps etc.


    • Farm Support - Dedicated local Farm Support staff will provide one point of contact throughout duration of service


    • Regular review visits - to update records, assist with actions and provide continual support


    • Be prepared – Red Tractor have announced they are increasing the number of unannounced inspections during 2019 and that they are introducing a 24/7 confidential phone line to allow people to report anyone they believe is failing to meet the schemes high standards. Reassurance will help you maintain compliance 24/7.