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You are more likely to be injured or killed working on your farm than in any other industry in the UK.


Farming is a high-risk industry where you are regularly exposed to hazardous substances, heavy machinery, livestock handling, unpredictable weather, and often working against the clock, all contributing to increased risk.


On average 30 farmers, workers or visitors are killed each year on farms and statistics published by the HSE in 2018 report 13,000 non fatal injuries to workers and 17,000 workers suffering from work related ill health.


Most farmers acknowledge that improvements to on farm Health and Safety are needed but find the subject overwhelming.


Reassurance works with you to break down the regulations into a manageable farm specific working action plan and introduce policies and training where required.

There were 39 fatalities in the agricultural sector in 2018/19

The fatal injury rate (9.21 per 100,000 workers) remains higher than any other main industry sector

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protect your farm
  • Farm Specific – the service and support is specific to you.


  • Assessment - accessible, straightforward, understandable, easy to communicate, methodical, interactive and visual.


  • Reassurance Pack – comprehensive overview of the risks on your farm with a straightforward traffic light scoring system that generates a prioritised Action Plan.


  • Regular review - visits/updates and continual support throughout the year.


  • Local Support - who will be dedicated to you and your farm, providing continuity and building an understanding of your business.


  • Fulfill your Obligations - Even if you have less than 5 employees you have a duty to your employees whether full-time, part-time, self employed, temporary or otherwise to make sure that you have followed legislation and guidance dictated by the HSE. You must be able to prove, for example, that you have given suitable instruction, information and training to all workers.
Health and Safety