soil care

Protecting Your Soil

Your soil is the most important tool on your farm and our aim is to help you improve its health and thus your farms profitability. 


Reassurance will work with you to analyse, improve and maintain your soils health whilst ensuring compliance with soil regulations and best practice.


Poor soil management can lead to soil erosion, reduced water holding capacity, reduced fertility, reduced microbial populations, increase in compaction and where these lead to breaches in compliance or pollution incidents then the result will be financial penalties and/or prosecution.


Reassurance will work with you, Protecting Your Soil, Protecting You.

There are only 96 harvests left in UK soils
protect your farm
  • Soil Sampling - 50 hectares sampled (maximum of 10 samples) and analysed for; Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, pH, soil texture and soil organic matter as standard.


  • Multiple colour coded farm maps for ease of reference demonstrating soil compliance including; Cropping, Organic Inputs, Soil Erosion, Temporary Field Heaps and Spreading Risk Maps.


  • Inventory templates for products being applied to your soils.


  • Assess nutrients being applied to ensure crop requirements are not exceeded and compliance with regulations and best practice.


  • Action Plan - Where issues are identified, we will work with you to create an action plan and support you to deliver.


  • Organic Manures – To improve your soils organic matter content and reduce artificial fertiliser requirements we will help source and supply Organic Manures.


  • FACTS Advice - We can also offer a full fertiliser recommendation service by our FACTS qualified advisors and soil scientists.